Project Description

Beach Tour and Snorkeling

TThe Guanacaste region has some of Costa Rica’s most famous beaches. This tour highlights some of the activities you might want to try while you’re near the shore. You’ll get to snorkel, see coastal wildlife, surf, and swim.

Flamingo Beach is a white sand beach that stands out even in Costa Rica’s large collection of sparkling white sand beaches. The beach has turquoise water, pristine sand, and shimmering palm trees. This has become the ideal place for developers to build lavish beach houses. As you stroll Flamingo Beach you’ll get to admire the luxurious villas and hotels in the area.

Playa Grande serves as a nesting beach for leatherback sea turtles. Leatherbacks are the largest species of sea turtle, and they can grow up to 7 feet (2 m) in length. They nest several times between October and March, and they only nest in the evening. But there are plenty of other reasons to visit Playa Grande – this beach is also a good destination for surfing.

Tamarindo Beach has a reputation as one of Costa Rica’s most heavily trafficked beaches. This is due in part to the reliable surf. Tamarindo’s waves are also accessible to beginner surfers, making it an awesome place to learn how to surf.

Conchal Beach has sand made up of crushed seashells. Lots of tropical fish gather near this beach. It also has almost perfectly clear water, making it the ideal location for snorkeling. Your guide will set you up with snorkeling equipment so you can swim and explore the wildlife just beneath the surface of the water

What to Bring: Sunscreen, swim suit, change of clothes, money for personal expenses, and bottled water.
What this Tour Includes: Transportation, certified tour guide, all necessary equipment, and lunch with a view of the ocean.