Project Description

Leatherback Turtle Spawning Tour

Leatherback turtle spawning tour at National Park Marino las Baulas; watch and learn about the Leatherback turtle, the biggest marine reptile in the world!

Available only in season from the end of October to mid-March, come discover and appreciate these beautiful gentle-giants. These turtles can weigh over half a ton and travel approximately 2,300 miles each season to mate and spawn their eggs, making them great world migrators. Reservation needs to be made eight days in advance; an appointment is given with tour date and time usually three hours before the high tide. Guests will receive an informative talk about the turtles, then wait till turtles swim out of the ocean and observe the spawning.

INCLUDES Guide. If not a guest of Villas la Paz, this tour does not include transportation to the villas, please contact us to coordinate.
RECOMMENDATIONS Comfortable clothes, long pants, board games, books, repellent.
LENGHT OF THE TOUR 1½ – 6 hours



Min. people